11+ May Spring Bank – 2 Day English Workshop

2 Day English Workshop

Study Write 11+ is offering ONLY ITS STUDY WRITE 11+ CHILDREN a 2 day English Workshop, specialising in comprehension, language, structure and narrative writing PLUS descriptive writing. (You will have joined a Study Write 11+ centre no later than Easter to be eligible).

Using further actual exam papers that the English element of the 11+ exam has been styled upon, the team of English specialists will  lead the students through a revision class testing the elements of:

English comprehension, finding evidence, language & Structure device analysis, narrative and descriptive creative writing. All resources provided.

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07990 775779

28th, 29th May 2020 £40.01 daily or £70 two days 9.30AM – 12.30PM

The Crossley Health School
Sports & Conference Centre,
Spring Edge Halifax, HX3 0HG