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The Study Write 11+ Year 5 tuition programme



The Study Write 11+ Year 5 tuition course is designed to prepare Year 5 children for the 11+ entrance exam to the grammar schools in Calderdale and its surrounding areas.  Small classes, less than 12, with specialist teachers ensures focused attention for the eleven plus on your child.


We also offer a Year 4 11 plus preparation course for our younger children which can be found under the 11+ menu heading.

The course runs from the September when your child enters Year 5 and is completed the week of the entrance exam, within the first 5 weeks of being in Year 6.

The entrance exam is comprised of 4 components which are tested over 2 papers:

  • English and Verbal Reasoning
  • Maths and Non Verbal Reasoning

Study Write 11+ teaches these 4 components over the 12 month period and thoroughly prepares your child for the 11plus exam by building upon their current school knowledge in English and Mathematics and teaches them the Verbal Reasoning skills and now the newly added Non-Verbal Reasoning curriculum, at a high, challenging level.

In addition to strengthening children’s academic skills, the Study Write 11+ sessions teaches time management, organisation skills and how to excel under exam conditions specifically for the Calderdale and Heckmondwike grammar school selection exam.

Using past papers, continually throughout the sessions, the children are taught how to answer the exam questions successfully.  As a team we regularly assess your child’s strengths and development needs.  These are fed back to you via progress reports.  Our duty of care to you and your child ensures you always know what level of achievement is required in order to secure a place at one of the local grammar schools.  Hence our consistent results of 85% pass rate year on year.

Study Write encourages children to develop a positive work ethic and desire to succeed.

The children grow in confidence, knowledge and ability over the course.

As a result they feel prepared for the next step in their school journey in whichever school they choose to attend.

Study Write also offers KS3 & GCSE teaching support in English, Maths, Biology, Physics & Chemistry and combined science.  Please see the KS3/GCSE page in the menu.

  • 11+ Tuition
  • Study Write 11+ Prep - Year 4
  • KS3 & GCSE Tuition and Study Support for Secondary School Pupils.


  • Enable your child to undertake the
    11+ examination successfully?
  • Foster a love of learning and a desire to achieve
  • Teach your child to embrace challenge.
  • Create, within them, an attitude and effort
    which determines everything.
  • Place them with a professional, reputable 11+
    teaching service that began in 2012 and has an average
    pass rate of 85% year on year.


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