Vicky Queenan

Lead Teacher

At Study Write 11+ Halifax our aim is to ‘inspire’ your child so that they can ‘achieve’ and ‘succeed’ in their 11+ year.

All our staff have a wealth of knowledge within the teaching profession, with over a third of our staff having placed their own children through the eleven plus process. This coupled with their primary school experience at Year 4, 5 & 6 ensures your child is truly taken care of.

As owner and founder (2011) of Study Write 11+ I have 25+ years of teaching experience throughout a variety of Calderdale & Kirklees primary schools.

In 2001, I was appointed Math’s Leader at the largest primary school in Calderdale and have since held numerous positions in both English & Math’s and as a SATs specialist – the final exams undertaken by children in Year 6.

In 2015, I was the Year 6 teacher at All Saints and was part of the school team to achieve the first position in the Calderdale league tables for the SATs results.

The school was also recognised nationally for achieving results that were within the 10% of the country.

I stepped down as a full time teacher in 2016 to concentrate on developing Study Write 11+
I still work in schools on a part-time basis supporting and assisting pre and post SAT’s – within English Comprehension & Creative Writing.

My wealth of experience in terms of revision exam techniques, subject knowledge of both Mathematics and English / English comprehension greatly support the Study Write 11+ programme.