11+ Tuition for Year 5 Pupils

11+ Tuition in Halifax With Study Write 11+

The Study Write 11+ Year 5 tuition programme is designed to prepare Year 5 children for the 11plus entrance exam to the grammar schools in Calderdale and its surrounding areas.

The course runs from the September when your child enters Year 5 and is completed the week of the entrance exam, within the first 5 weeks of being in Year 6.  Small class sizes, less than 12, ensure a focused and personalised approach is adopted.

The entrance exam is comprised of 4 components;

  • English Comprehension & Creative Writing which accounts for the overall mark of 35%
  • Mathematics which accounts for 35% of the overall mark.
  • Verbal Reasoning which accounts for 30% of the overall mark.

Study Write 11+ teaches these 4 components over the 12 month period and thoroughly prepares your child for the 11+ exam by building upon their current school knowledge in English and Mathematics and teaches them the Verbal Reasoning skills and concepts which are not currently taught in school.

In addition to strengthening children’s academic skills, the Study Write 11+ sessions teaches time management, organisation skills and how to excel under exam conditions.

Using past papers, continually throughout the sessions, the children are taught how to answer the exam questions successfully.

Study Write 11+ encourages children to develop a positive work ethic and desire to succeed.

The children grow in confidence, knowledge and ability over the course of the programme.

Outstanding teachers delivering sessions in a caring and nurturing environment with regular feedback to parents and children create the right environment from which to learn.

As a result they feel prepared for the next step in their school journey.

Please get in contact for further details or join our waiting list whilst in Year 4 or below.

Study Write now also offers KS3 & GCSE in core subjects due to the high demand of its success rates.  See the home menu for details.

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An exemplar of a Study Write 11+ Session.

During the Autumn Term, the Math’s & English Verbal Reasoning skills are taught within the English & Mathematic lessons.

  • An English Starter activity – word, sentence & text level skills are taught and reinforced.
  • English comprehension & Creative Write – how to locate the answers successfully and answer questions concisely and succinctly following a KS3 approach. Language analysis & structure is taught within this lesson and how English features can create descriptive pieces of narrative.
  • Verbal Reasoning – The children are taught the 24 skills that are required for the 11+ exam, Each skill is taught and then reinforced through a variety of strategies.
  • Mathematics – following the national curriculum elements of the Year 5 & 6 programme of study, the 11+ teaching focuses on high levels of understanding and real life application. Problem solving skills are continually strengthened through the use of exam style questions.
  • Weekly homework is set across the three subjects and children are expected to spend 2-3 hours each week completing it.

The 11+ resources for the sessions and the homework are provided by Study Write 11+.